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They came, they saw, they smashed it! The amazing children from showing anything is more than possible.

Chicks on the trail.

We’ve long supported the fabulous guys at in their efforts to Make Reality Great for young people who truly deserve a break. When the opportunity to take them for a day on the trails with our good friend Tony Williams form Evolve MTB came up we jumped at it. Here is what happened, and perhaps more importantly what it meant to us…. #MRG….

Mental software clouding the honesty of a situation? I think it might.

System reboot, error log updated.

With the relentless pace of modern life, the endless need to adjust our image to the audiences of our lives just how do we really, truthfully identify our core desires? How do we manage to step away and selfishly see exactly what it is that underpins our desires and decisions. Sadly the answer seems to be more Russian roulette than careful consideration.